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Vintage Festoon Lighting with designer Edison & LED filament bulbs

Why are our Edison style LED bulbs special?

We’ve been working on the best way to achieve the soft, warm light of Edison style filament bulbs without the associated energy & regular bulb replacement costs for years.

Festoon lighting with vintage spiral LED filament bulbs
Festoon lighting with vintage looped LED filament bulbs
Festoon lighting with vintage LED filament bulbs
Festoon lighting with vintage spiral, looped & parallel LED filament bulbs

How we achieve Edison style lighting from LED bulbs? It’s sub 2300k magic.

Older, Edison style bulbs with traditional filaments emit a light that is generally around the 2200k (or even lower) which we perceive to be ‘warmer’ to the eye (maybe this is an illusion created by our experience of light by fire – where, for example, candle light is around 2000k). It’s worth noting the LED light emitters don’t actually create actual warmth and what little there is, is pushed backwards from the emitter.

Whilst it’s possible to add to the warmth with smoked or tinted glass bulbs, this effect is not as effective as LED filaments which are emitting a warm colour of light to begin with. For this reason, at Filamental Festoons, we use some pretty unique bulbs that have a 2200k light output PLUS smoked bulbs, creating some of the warmest, friendliest lighting for gardens, bars and restaurants.

LED bulbs that emit 2700k are technically described as ‘warm white’ but don’t look anything as warm as ‘fire white’ that 2200k LED bulbs achieve. This is why people are often disappointed when they take home ‘warm white’ bulbs and find they are creating a much colder light than incandescent bulbs. But don’t worry, we’ve fixed that problem for you.